My name is Justin Kennedy and I am a graduate student in San Diego State's Educational Technology program.

I am, and always have been, a huge fan of Children’s Television Workshop, and in particular Sesame Street.  For most my peers and I it was our first exposure to educational technology.  If fact, puppets and cartoons were probably my most effective teachers growing up. I include this because it's important to remind myself what draws me to instructional design and technology, the same thing that has drawn me to anything I love. Humor and fun.

Thank you for taking the time to read my simple story

I grew up in beautiful Mendham, New Jersey, although my roots are in Brooklyn. At the age of 13 I began working professionally as an actor.  Though I returned to normal life in college when I decided majoring in theatre wasn’t for me. However, after graduating college in upstate New York, I relocated to the city to train as an actor under legendary teacher William Esper.

While in acting school I supported myself through a myriad of jobs. And after school I supported myself through a myriad of jobs. Along the way I picked up skills in desktop publishing and computer graphics and a unique opportunity for ongoing work with a production company that hired actors and writers to develop and implement improvisational skills workshops for corporate sales teams. I found most interesting were the similarities I'd recognized between the tasks and skills associated with training & development and those in the performing arts. Skills such as writing, script analysis, performing, improvisation and design all play large roles in both professions. Shortly after that gig ended, I relocated to Los Angeles for better opportunities in film and television.

Eight years, a thousand auditions and a handful of pitches later, I decided to revisit what I was begging to believe might be the more creative world of training and development. I sensed a formal education would serve as an advantage and I began researching opportunities. I found the Educational Technology program and began in January of 2009.

And here we go.